ㄥ☻đ𝐘 aᵉ𝓬к𝓔𝐑lι𝓷

Creative // Digital Philosopher // Troll

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Animation, Film, Photography, 3D

Why is this site called oneirocular? Oneiro is Greek for dream and ocular is eye. In short; it's a really complicated made-up word to say that ㄥ☻đ𝐘 is a visual thinker. He ideas existing as sketches, mock-ups, moodboards and styleframes.

This has lead him to hone his skills in animation, photography and filming. He loves to document and capture the ordinary and to experiment with different techniques to come up with new interesting imagery. 

After all: the fastest way to the mind, is through the eye.

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Plato, (Product) Design and Post-Reality


Digital Philosophy

Talks, Workshops, Presentations

ㄥ☻đ𝐘 loves having conversations about a broad variety of topics, with the future of (digital) creativity, post-reality and the metaverse amongst his favorite subjects. He firmly believes in open discussions and conversations with all kinds of people as they enrich your perspective of the world and the challenges we face.

He has given several workshops about creativity & concepting, talks about his perspective of the world and our shared future and discussions about some of the threats and opportunities new technologies and innovations bring us.

Worked with:

ING Global, VELUX, ICI Paris XL, Sanquin, Eindhoven, Kruidvat, Action, Fontys, Shimano and more.


Concept, Strategy & Design

As a creative ㄥ☻đ𝐘 looks further than just coming up with interesting concepts, but also looks at their long-term impacts and prospects. He is both analytical and philosophical in nature and is always in search of the true essence of the challenge at hand.

He has a good understanding of the playing field and like Anansi the spider he loves to tell a story and find new and exciting connections in his web. 


What's ㄥ☻đ𝐘?

Lody Aeckerlin has got a problem: he doesn't really fit in a box. At least, that's what other creatives, clients and just people in general say. He's weird, oddpassionate and sometimes a bit awkward.  

Take a look into the unbridled mess that is his mind. A mind always occupied; either from coming up with new creative concepts, experimenting with new imagery or just bullshit philosophizing about creativity